Monday, 13 September 2010

Children, Young People and Adult Truth

Today the papers are covering a story about Davina McCall who has revealed that she told her daughter the truth when asked about drugs. McCall a former drug addict said when her daughter asked her about drugs she said they felt good but the after affects were horrendous. The British media have jumped on this and for the most part have given her a really hard time. Let me state I think the British media on this point have lost their minds!

My husband and I as youth leaders are constantly asked to do programmes, host discussions and counsel young people about sex, drugs and rock and roll so to speak. Our constant discussion is over this very question that McCall faced with her daughter. Do you tell the truth that actually all the things you shouldn't do feel good? After many years of working with young people in varying capacities we both came to the conclusion that honesty is the best policy.

This position has not been an easy one to come to but like McCall we have had to weigh up the consequences of not telling the truth. My husband always tells me that when he was younger "the church" would tell him and his friends that the world was bad bad bad and you should steer clear and not partake. But when they got older and realised it was actually fun and enjoyable they felt lied too. Now my husband is quick to follow that with the story doesn't end there and the consequences of your actions can often not be fun. But by then it was too late for the relationship between them and the church to be repaired the lie had already been told.

Often adults struggle to interact with teenagers and as a teacher I have seen this from both sides of the story. Parents, teachers, youth leaders and adults in general struggle for numerous reasons but one reason I realise is truth. Children and young people have a unique ability to see through lies. As a young person grows they begin to investigate life for themselves and see for themselves what their parents have been teaching. At this point the young person faces the world armed only with the education they have received and no real experience so if the adults lie about their experience what then for the young person.

You cannot make decisions for young people but you can arm them with the correct information. It's not good enough to tell a lie or half truths in the pursuit of what you think is best. In the end the truth is always going to better.

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  1. More true words cannot be spoken, as a parent I have realized that if I do not tell my children the truth someone else will and then I will be held accountable for them. Its not easy telling them the truth because then you are wondering are they going to try it, at that point we leave it in
    Gods hands.