Saturday, 25 September 2010

Scrapbook Sabbath

I love scarp booking or having memory boxes or photo albums. So I have a chalking for this week. This challenge can be done with friends or family or even neighbours.

The idea
Create a group/family scrapbook memory of the week

How it works
For a week everyone should keep a photo diary and collect items from their week. At the end of the week someone should get the pictures developed and source a book for everything to go in. Then on sabbath everyone should get an opportunity to share their week and add things to the book.
To make the book as pretty as you like there are varying stickers and craft items you can gather together to help decorate the book pages. In addition you can collect bible verses from the weeks devotion and add them to pages.

This activity can be as creative as you make it. If you think well I am not arty then put together a photo album. This is an opportunity to see the week from someone else's perspective.

If you have children this can be a real insight into their world. This is an opportunity to connect with them on their level and not just impose your world view on them it might surprise you the way they see the world.

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