Saturday, 11 September 2010

Thick Tights are not Leggings and Leggings are not Trousers

While I was pregnant I rediscovered the joys and comfort of leggings. To me leggings are a pregnant woman's best friend. The comfort and ease with which you can wear them are just amazing. They stretch round the belly with ease and comfort. Leggings were my best friend.

Post pregnancy I still love my leggings especially because I have a bouncy 8 month old who requires mummy to be just as bouncy as him. However now I have to be slightly more conscious of what I wear with my beloved leggings. During pregnancy all my tops came down long as they needed to go over the belly and be comfortable so by default the covered the bum. Post pregnancy my tops can be of varying lengths but when wearing leggings this is not advisable.

Today while walking back home I saw a young lady who was in shape toned and slim wearing leggings with a cut-off t-shirt. It was not a pretty sight. When will people learn leggings are not trousers. No sooner had I passed this young woman than there was a girl in a nice coat and top with thick tights on. If the wind blew I would have seen more than I should off. Tights are not not leggings.

I know this might seem silly to state the obvious but there is nothing worse than seeing more than you should on a young lady. From underwear all too apparent through leggings and who knows what through tights it seems that somewhere in our quest to be individual we have lost the plot. A short skirt and some colour pop tights look great but a long top with tights looks tacky. Leggings with a long top looks great but leggings with a short top just looks tacky.

It doesn't matter so much your size or shape no one wants to see your underwear or your private bits. Please for the sake of those around do us a favour and cover up it won't hurt your style I promise. Below show us how it is done.

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