Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crazy Women

I had packed up for the nit and said non more blogging for me I will watch a silly romcom and go to bed. Unfortunately the movie I decided to watch was Knocked Up. I know I am not supposed to take films seriously but oh my days the female characters in this are little of the wall ok a lot crazy. Then I remembered this is not the first time I have seen women portrayed as crazy on film. Earlier this week I watched Why Did I Get Married 2 and let me tell you good female leads there was not.

As I sit here writing this blog I guess I am frustrated that so called strong female leads are not actually strong but crazy. It's subtle and we are supposed to side with the women after all the men are just bad or losers but truth is none of these women make any sense to me.

Here is another question why is having emotions a bad thing. I am sick of watching these films where women express their emotions badly and you hear men say ah emotions like you are talking about pure evil. You know emotions are not the problem it is the use of them that can be just like money isn't evil the love of it is. Frustration is an emotion and right now I am. Frustrated someone recommend a film where there are emotions from a woman and it's not condescending.

I don't think thankfully God holds this opinion of women and emotions therefore I feel safe in the knowledge of Gods love. But I do wish that the world would be better at dealing with women we are really not all stereotypes!

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