Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mummy it's Me

Someone told me during my pregnancy that I should write down my experiences as a mum to be. Then when my little darling was born someone shared that I really should write down my experiences. To be quite frank I thought they were nuts. Quite a few people said it and finally I thought well I am writing a blog anyway so it wouldn't hurt every now and then to write a thought about being a mummy,

Question though, when does a new mum have time to write?

Between a hyper active little darling, family who want to see said hyperactive little darling and trying to maintain a good relationship with the hubby. Do you think I have time to write? I barely have time to think. I must say I play little mind numbing games on my phone but writing well that's a different matter.

Writing requires a certain amount of concentration in order that the reader may understand what your saying. Well that is something I struggle with always have. Good at talking, OK at writing. But I am determined that I will do it because if one person reading this quick note finds some hope to hold onto amidst the chaos of being a mother then for that I am happy.

Just as I am getting started my little darling wakes from his nap so in true form I gotta run and deal with my little darling. So I guess that's what makes me a mummy the rush to be with the little darling...

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