Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Disappointed with Jesus

I did it. I achieved the impossible. I read a real book in a day. This milestone has not been achieved since the storms appeared in my life and took over. (My two loud children). 

The book in question is no ordinary book. The book is Disappointed with Jesus? By Gavin Calver. 

You may well ask how I managed to achieve the wonderfully impossible. Well there are a few key elements. 

1. I am on holiday in Turkey. By holiday I mean not even the children made it here. Just me and adults! 

2. I am on a boat with sleeping people. No music, no noise, no distractions. Just the gentle or not so gentle rocking of the boat. 

3. The book is a well written enjoyable engaging piece. I think everyone should read. It's not judgemental it's the honest telling of one mans story exploring the challenges of childhood and teens in church. It's engaging, simple to read which is here the skill really lies I think. But most of all it has inspired me as a parent and as a youth Pastor. 

This book was riveting and although I paused briefly to discuss sections with my hubby I always wanted to end the conversation and return to the book. 

I recommend everyone read this. It's not just for parents or youth workers/pastors. It's for anyone who attends church and believes in the gospel message and wants to see the kingdom expanding for him everyday. If that's you pick up the book. I am really excited and will have to buy a copy as this was on loan from the library. Look out highlighter pen, Instagram and Twitter here I come. 

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