Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Saving Mr Banks

I am watching Saving Mr Banks for the second time. I confess to loving Mary Poppins just a touch. As a child it may have been my fantasy for Mary Poppins to sweep in and save the day. A little singing and a lot of dancing and even more imagination. This may have suited me a little to much. 

I loved this film but when (spoiler alert) the mother says goodbye and walks into the lake I cried. I cry every time. Something about the pain of that situation. The way she says goodbye to the children. "I know you love your father more than me". Could there be anything more painful than trying to hold your family together probably suffering from depression postnatal or otherwise while your husband an alcoholic is dying and feeling so unloved. 

The director handles what is a horrendous moment in life with real respect and tenderness. I guess the reason I cry is that this moment in the film  is far too real. The sadness that overcomes people is all too often suffered in silence, alone and isolated. 

There is a saying that the loneliest place is in a crowd. It's true. Sometimes when we are surrounded by people but no one understands us it can feel lonely beyond measure. 

Everyday I feel blessed that I have God in my life. A Father, a Friend, someone who understands me. But what I really look forward to is when we are on the other side of this world and I can look in the face of the one who created me and have a conversation face to face. Until then I am glad that God knows how much I need human touch and conversation and doesn't judge me for that. 

I pray that you have a relationship 10 times of mine so that you too will have the best of both worlds a relationship with your creator and those he entrusts your well being too. 

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