Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A fun day out

Every year I like to visit CRE. Since I discovered it my first year at theological college I have been hooked. Everything Chrisitian under one roof and the books. Oh the books. I love the books. I could spend lots of money and time with the books. However I digress. This year CRE had a special place for me. 

There I was squished onto a minibus heading from the station to Sandown to see what I could find. Not what I could buy money was not available. But to see what networks I could build. This hear I was attending as a jobless pastor. My contract is finishing in June and it was time to commit to whatever God wants me to do. 

The challenge network by myself with no help from anyone else. Could I do it? Of course what was going to stop me? Not me that's for sure. So when I arrived I left the squishy minibus went into the bathroom said a prayer and I was off. 

The challenge. After being their most of the day I met a man who as we chatted had a similar experience to me. As I listened I began to feel God telling me that I could do it. The challenge was laid down. The man turned to me and said. 

"Next year I look forward to you coming and telling him how this year was for you."

So now I really have to pull my finger out and have a year on the move with God because there is a perfect stranger waiting for me to give my testimony. 

The day was fun my shoulders, back, hand and many other places hurt. The bags were heavy. 

Carrying the bags is not fun far too heavy. But I am not complaining about the strength I got from carrying material things. What more could I do with the pile of fun obviously take it all out and start using it immediately! 

Light reading for the future evenings. While all the time looking for new job! 

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