Thursday, 13 March 2014

What is a Christian? Can a dictionary help?

I figured the first place I would look to find out what a Christian is, the dictionary. I know maybe the bible might be better but since there are so many denominations and they can't seem to agree neutral territory might be good. Here is what Bing Dictionary has to say:
  1. believer in Jesus Christ as savior: somebody whose religion is Christianity
  2. from teachings of Jesus Christ: based on or relating to a belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Messiah, and acceptance of his teachings, contained in the Gospels
  3. relating to Christianity: relating to Christianity, or belonging to or maintained by a Christian organization, especially a church
Well that fairly straight forward right? Do I believe in Jesus as my saviour? Well yes I do its true. But here is something I didn't count on. Somebody whose religion is Christianity. Now maybe they didn't mean this but I have a question now. Can your religion be Christianity and you not be a Christian? I really had to think about it. In the way I understand being a Christian once you are, your everything changes. Nothing is the same. Doesn't matter what culture, generation, gender or anything your over-riding core is Christ which helps you to be better. The question however still remains can you put on the religion without having it at your core?

Well ask the average church member. I have had some terrible experiences at the hands of other members and I know from people that contact me all the time I am not alone. There are two explanations of this. Firstly the church like any other place is full of hurting people like anywhere else. People who need Jesus who make mistakes and are still on a journey. Second reason could be that people have put on a religion but have not accepted Jesus.

That second reason is a dark bleak reality. I could be sitting next to people who have merely put on the religion for a number or reasons but really have not accepted Jesus. Seriously?! That's a harsh truth. I am gonna dig a little deeper to find out what makes a person a Christian. Because if it is as simple as accepting Jesus why does that look so different to so many people in different nations, denominations and places!

My quest continues to figure out what a Christian is and specifically what an Adventist is.

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