Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow day continued

On Friday I wrote about what we would do on our snow days and I said I would report in with any extra suggestions. So we called those who might have needed extra help and then we played in the snow with our neighbours. It was a really great way to meet and talk with others.

After that it was lots of warm food a short cartoon and then nap time for the younger. So the older one and I made a paper tiger and then worked through one of his magazines reading stories and doing the activities. It was really good fun.

Later we had their cousins over for playtime and there was plenty of noise in the house as the kids enjoyed playing fire fighters.

Bath time and then bed. A very tiring day for mummy but well worth it to see all the smiling.

For mummy time it was on the phone to a few friends and family. Working on the children's books I am writing and then bed.

Today is a new day and we are off out to church. So lets see what today might hold. Be kind to others watch out for one another and have an awesome day.

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