Friday, 18 January 2013

Sabbath/Sunday Snow Days activities

I have been thinking since we here in the UK have been snowed in (it doesn't take much) what should we do with our sabbath and Sunday.

First things first. As Christians we are called to look after one another so the first thing you need to do is look out for those more vulnerable than yourself. If you have elderly or disabled on your street check that they have the essentials they need. Take a meal round so they don't have to worry about cooking. Movement in snow may challenge us but if your elderly in a wheelchair it can be dangerous to be out and about in the snow. Another group you might want to check on is those who are alone with young children. They may find getting out challenging or might just find it challenging being trapped inside with their little angels. Either way you could help just by checking in with them.

If you can get to church for your usual service you might want to consider organising a pot luck lunch or a lucky dip lunch as I call it. Call round to your friends and encourage them to call round and everyone bring a dish and share. If there are elderly members then it might be worth packing up some meals from your lucky dip lunch and taking it to them. If there are young families then get together and share the burden of entertaining the kids.

What if you can't get out of your house what then? Snow is awesome and fun and there is plenty to enjoy in the snow from making snow angels to building snow men to snow ball fights and lots of others exciting snow things. But it gets cold after a while so you have to come in out of the cold then what?

I can happily recommend a movie, hot chocolate, and warm food. A good book is always awesome with a nice book and a lovely warm duvet. Baking is always a great winter activity the warmth from the oven adds to the joy if you ask me. I like being home alone in the warmth with an activity I love like knitting, sewing, baking. I don't live alone anymore so what then?

I have very little storms and they are great but have a super duper amount of energy so after going out in the snow what am I gonna do well here are my thoughts.

I am gonna get the glue out and make some snowmen pictures with the cotton wool in the bathroom.

I am thinking of baking cookies or rather getting the storms to make cookies. They will enjoy eating them with hot chocolate later.

I plan to have a dance contest with the storms. Lets see if mummy can actually win something in this house! I think I might even have a chocolate trophy somewhere.

So then there will be movies, colouring books, bricks, toys, indoor penalty shoot out. Am I gonna run out of things to do? Yes! So when I think of something inspiring to do I will definitely share that.

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