Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Look up

In Britain we have been covered by beautiful white fluffy snow hiding hidden dangers that cause our country to slow down.

The last few days I have been at home with the boys looking out the window at my neighbours houses watching the snow melt of their roofs. By contrast I have been listening to the news report that says the snow is still causing chaos. I kept thinking not round here the snow has melted.

Well today I left the house and realised that the snow on the roofs may have melted but the snow and ice in the ground were very real and still there. I was in my home all that time looking up and being happy that the snow was melting when in reality my neighbours have warm houses.

This made me think about our Christian journey. How many of us are spending our time looking down at the dangers and pitfalls of life and not looking up to see that God is radiating love and change is coming. Or even that this life is not our final goal but heaven and if we look up we might see Jesus knocking saying he loves us and wants us to live with him.

So my simple day of looking at the snow melting reminded me that I can always hide under the shadow of the almighty not fall on the ice of life as psalms 97 says

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