Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Bermuda Experience

We have landed on my in-laws Island. It is a beautiful picture of paradise. The sea is the most beautiful shades of blue that melt into the blue skies. The greens of the trees and the countryside just pop out under the sunshine. I have yet to see the pink sand in person but if it's anything like the rest of the island then I am in for a treat. As you drive through the countryside the beautiful houses in bright colours pop out from their hiding places among the trees and winding roads. Bermuda is definitely a beautiful island to explore. 

The reception at the airport after two days of travel to be here was overwhelming. By the way it doesn't take two days unless you are on a serious budget which you know I am. The family were overwhelmingly happy to see us. There was a lot of them too. For me that was quite something I come from such a small family by contrast. The joy was that it wasn't unusual there was lots of other massive families waiting to see there relatives. How nice it is to have such a wonderful welcome as part of contrast. 

Walking around the island people are so friendly. You can't help but think that 22sq miles and 60,000 people has a good affect on friendliness. The real surprise is that it doesn't feel that denseley populated. I quite enjoy saying hello to everyone I meet reminds me that we can all be nice to one another. Especially when you are reading about what evil we do to one another a simple Good morning can do a lot to make the simple day to day happy. 

Then there is the most special thing we have done so far. The dolphin experience! I think it's the best place in the world to meet the Dolphins. They are happy beautiful creatures, who live in the sea who come into play with the people. That's the best description I can give. It was completely magically to watch the children in the water making friends with those highly intelligent Dolphins. My little storm will tell you that the dolphin spoke to him. What more happiness can you have. Well we are here for a few more weeks so we shall see. 

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