Monday, 13 July 2015

Going Dutch - Children

My disappointment ran super high yesterday. I was talking with a friend about childcare. I explained that in the UK I had to take my youngest with me to work. It was something I fought for. I was a youth pastor and while not a single young person minded I did have issues with some of my senior members. It was a battle but it worked. My friend promptly informed me that never in Holland. 

I cannot tell you how distressed I was. I heard wonderful things about Dutch Culture. I had read how flexible they were surrounding part time work and making families a priority. My bubble had been burst. It would be the same as the UK in her words worse. The Dutch understood childcare issues but didn't want to see them. 

Now since we are moving as a single unit. How is this going to work? In the UK we had lots of support from family and friends but here we would have no one. How could we possibly be everywhere doing our job serving the church with no flexibility towards our position as parents. Someone would always be left holding the baby.  

Going Dutch might not be the dream I had hoped for but I guess I will have to wait and see if it is any better than my home. 

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