Monday, 6 July 2015

Bat and ball and fasting!

Hey there. So here is a new challenge how to run around in the sun with a rumbunktious child playing bat and ball in the summer sun when fasting. It's normally a challenge to keep up the energy. The little one is crazy in energy and has me running most days. Fasting however adds an extra level of danger to me and my sanity. 

I have to say the key I have discovered to my fasting experience has been keeping hydrated. Without liquid I fade quickly. My body is unable to cope especially in the sun with the little ball of energy. 

The lesson I have definitely learnt is I need to drink more. I say this to the children all the time. However for myself I have often not had a drink for the whole day. All I can really say is Lord please help this be a permenant change and not just because it's necessary during fasting or I faint! 

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