Thursday, 5 June 2014

Women, the bible and why I believe

I am say in the library reading the book Women in the Bible: Miracke Birthd, Heroic Deeds, Bloodlust and Jealousy. A thought strikes me more than ever. We are all prejudice and when we come to the bible we come with that prejudice. 

As I read this book. I am more convinced that I am created. That there is God. That he loves me and wants what is best for me. One day we will be reunited and live in a world without sin. Why do I believe that because I am reading what the author John Baldock is saying and although it doesn't look favourable for us women. Guess what I don't see God that way at all. 

When I go the bible I see a loving God creating free beings that he wishes to share his love with. So much so that despite the risk he gives them free will. Now that means you don't have to believe that God exists. But for me when I look around this world there is no doubt in my mind it was created. I might not be able to explain everything but I know it was no accident. 

Here is the thing we can argue over theology all day as to which of is understands God the best. But guess what God is real and he wants is to be the best we can be. So you know what I might be right, you might be right, none of us are right but God is real and for me that's all that matters. There I said it. Those are the glasses I go to the bible with God is love, God is real and God loves me. Does that make a difference to how I read the stories. Your absolutely right it does. 

God bless 

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