Monday, 2 June 2014

Every Parent needs a Holiday

Every parent (especially stay at home ones) need a real holiday. One without the kids. I know there are those reading this who almost choked but I think it's true. No matter how much of your world the children are you need a genuine holiday. I have good reasons for saying this. 

1. Rest. Rest is so important. No matter how much you love the kids you need to put something into yourself in order to give something to others. Even the bible says so. Love others as you love yourself. See you have to love yourself. Get some rest. 

2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don't care how angelic you children are and how much of a sati you are the truth is sometimes you can't see straight if your all consumed. Sometimes that little break gives you perspective. 

3. It can give you the strength to make the next hurdle. Sometimes a well time break gives you the opportunity to facethe  challenges of parenting head on no fear. A breath of fresh air is sometimes needed to give perspective. 

So these are just my three basic reasons that parents need an actual holiday from their children. As I have just experienced this joy clearly I am shouting about it from the rooftop. You see a holiday with kids especially more than one little child can be work on a different soil. While it's a welcome break doesn't make it easy. A holiday alone every now and then doesn't hurt. Cuddles are always great upon return. 

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