Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Depression and marriage

I read this article a few weeks ago and the strap line really hit me. 

"Nothing prepared me for you screaming 'we are going to crash, we are going to crash'"

This was written by the husband of a woman suffering with severe depression. He saw her fall down and start creaming this for no reason at all. I can only imagine how frightening and surreal it must be for someone to see their partner do something so strange and out of character. 

In this particular case the woman got help and their marriage survived this. But for how many others is this not the case. For how many people is the suffering real but silent. Is the heartbreak deep in their soul. How many people suffer this soul destroying situation. I fear too many. 

Is depression real? Yes. 

That's it and instead of making people feeling more isolated by trivialising, ignoring and marginalising those real sufferers we should treat them with respect as they are people too. 

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