Wednesday, 21 November 2012

She's Too Young

I thought I would unwind before going to bed and came across a film called "She's Too Young". Unfortunately it had the opposite effect. I desired a chill out moment and happened on a film that documents the story of a local community dealing with a syphilis breakout among their teens. Each story they told was more painful than the story before.

The central character a "good" girl who went to church with her family. A former geek who is noticed by the popular set and a mix of peer pressure and bad choices have a disastrous result and this 14 year old virgin contracts syphilis from a boy she has oral sex with. The reoccurring thought that I am plagued with is how can we help our young people to make better choices.

The difficulty from both parents and teachers as well as teens is how to negotiate a world in which sex has completely change. Obviously not the bare basics of sex has changed the mechanics may be the same but all of the feelings the morals and the ideology has changed. I can't help but think that as we have devalued sex and have used it for our own gain that our children might be suffering. Girls and boys younger than 14 with over 20 sexual partners and contracting among other thing syphilis. Its a scary thought to think that one day that could be my kids or my friends kids.

I could give the cliche answer that prayer that's what we need to do. Don't get me wrong prayer is at the centre of our Christian walk but so is action. Now here is my question what action can we take to help the next generation live healthy and safe lives.I am not sure that I know the answer to that but looking at the generation now I have to question if the current techniques are working and what can we do to make it better?

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