Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Online taking over real world?

This is gonna be a strange post from me who has chosen to work online but here goes anyway.

So has anyone else noticed that your online world is fast taking over the vast majority of your time and so your real world contact has reduced drastically. Can I just say that sometimes I miss people. I mean actual people. You know who you are. The ones we hug. the ones we hold hands with, share popcorn with or day I say laugh at a joke together in real time. Seriously, I can spend my whole evening checking email responding to email filling out forms or on various social networks communicating with people I haven't laid my eyes on for years. Now for the contradiction.

I love my virtual world it keeps me in contact with you and so many people I love and miss but I can't help but wonder if in someways my life is poorer for over relying on social media to keep in contact. It seems I live in a catch 22. I might be one of those rare people who like to have lunch with a real person and leave my phone in my bag. I might even be stranger as I like (deep breath) paper and pen, shh seriously I shouldn't even type that. But I also cant live without all my various social media and communication tools which allow me to talk to you. Oh what do I do?! I spread myself too thin trying to walk the fine line between archaic tools and new fancy ones :-)

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