Sunday, 25 November 2012

Creation Lesson

This morning I am off to teach Sunday School class for 11-14's. I absolutely love teaching these guys but shhh don't tell them that. A couple weeks ago we started on creation and it was a bubbly conversation ranging from dinosaurs to cavemen to God and all sorts of other things. Up until that moment I had forgotten how awesome it is to be with lively teenagers. It rocks being the teacher of a teens and youth. The energy they have for life and learning is infectious.

This week we are continuing with creation and focusing on day 5 and 6. This is what some would say is the fun bit. This is where the sea animals and the birds, the animals and the humans are all made. So on 3 hours sleep I am trying to think of a way of bringing it to life for them. Although to be honest last time we barely got through the activity when we are all just talking like crazy about creation and all the questions that come up and barely got through the three points I wanted to make. Nevertheless I am thinking of raiding the kids toy box for some inspiration.

I will let you know how I get on but to be honest I am loving it and I'm really looking forward to what zany questions they have for me this week. Now my toddlers are calling so will speak later.

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