Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Garden Module.

I am feeling adventurous for a non-outdoorsy kind of girl. I am going to do a learning book on the garden for my storms. After the success of the whale project I am enthusiastic to try something new. 

I found this great blog that has some awesome modules. 

I got the idea to make a mini garden in a pot for the storms. We have a shared garden and my storms are constantly asking me to plant things. That isn't exactly my strong point or possible in our current situation. However being creative and making a self contained garden in a plant pot seems well within my possibilities. 

The husband suggested leaf rubbings and tree rubbings so a trip to Kew Gardens to start the project should be exciting. 

In addition to this we have collected quite a few books about local butterflies and birds so this should be fun. I can imagine frustrating but I am imagining super fun too. 

Well I will keep you posted on how I get on. I believe as a christian we have a duty of care to the planet and this module helps to teach my storms this so off I go.

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