Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bible journalling a new start

I have decided upon a new regime. I will arise early 5 mornings a week and study the word and pray. My starting motivation was all wrong even though my intentions were good.

I started because my life has been in a mess for five years now and I suddenly hit a wall I couldn't climb over. So I thought thats it I cannot do this God will fix it. Well having studied and taught long enough I know that ultimatums and God do not go hand in hand.

My week got hijacked and the best layed plans went to waste. But of this one thing I did stick to getting up early and studying my bible. Is it hard? Yes I have small children plus a nephew a house guest and a husband gettjng up early is no joke. It takes commitment and dedication. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Anything you feel passionate is worth the work.

So here is the picture of the first page of my new journal. Over the next few weeks hopefully I will post some of my inspiration here. I am a creative soul but an artist well thats yet to be decided. I think it doesn't matter as much as actually trying and putting yourself out there for God to use.

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