Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yesterday I Cried Out

Have you ever reached a place in your life where all you can do is cry out? Yesterday that was me. I was walking the children as they played and all of a sudden I was overwhelmed. I could see my life and how wrong it all was. I could see how hard I had tried to change everything. I could see that I had failed miserably. With nothing else left I stretched my arms and looked to the sky and cried out to God deliver me. 

This must have been quite the picture as I was just walking down the street! I wasn't asking to die I just needed my soul delivered. I needed my faith restored. I needed comfort from all the pain weighing heavy on my body. I needed financial deliverance from the struggle of life. I needed God to step I and change my circumstance. I needed deliverance! 

What happened next? The kids needed me to take a photo of nature for their project! So there was no great lightening in the sky appearance of God. But I tell you the truth I understood why the writers of psalms cried out to God. Because sometimes you need deliverance! 

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