Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Blackfish

I am watching Blackfish. I have a little storm who adore Orca and all Dolphins and whales. It's a hard watch because humans take advantage at every opportunity for profit. The other side is all the many people who love these animals and where is the balance. 

Part of me thinks back to the original job we had in the bible to look after the animals. Maybe that's why we as people want to have bonds with animals because we were originally created to have that. The truth is we live in a fallen world and we have to look after animals differently than was originally intended. 

So what now for all the children who get the opportunity to see animals at zoos and aquariums? Do we close them all down? Or do we find a way of behaving responsibility where profit is not our main motivation. 

Maybe it's our motivations that are really the problem. I have visited zoos and aquariums all of the world and something is clear to me when profit and human desire is not first but the animals best interest the zoo or aquarium looks very different. Guess what that is not a bad thing. I prefer to see animals being cared for properly than people exploiting them to make money! 

So I reflect on genesis and how we were to look after the animals and I question are we really living that out. 

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