Friday, 21 November 2014

Dramatic Bibles

I am sitting in the library in a great deal of pain. I am here to work on my book. As I look across at the shelve something leaps out at me. The Comprehensive Dramatised Bible edited by Michael Perry. I happen to be sitting in the religion section and there is the biggest blue bible I have ever seen. 

I lift it off the shelve to discover it's secrets wondering what could it mean. Surely the bible is dramatic enough as it is. But as per usual my brain is one step behind the words. To my delight it is literally a drama bible. 

How exciting to see the bible living in word. Can you imagine the church that uses this bible on a regular basis to do their scripture reading. My brain was alive with imagining the possibilities. 

I happened upon the visit of the Queen of Sheba. As I read I imagined the finery and the beauty. I imagined her inquisitiveness and sat in awe as she quizzed Solomon. Never before had that piece of scripture held my attention so. To me it just goes to prove that it is important not to be content with the status quo. 

I think hen I read the bible I imagine all that God has in bright colours for us. But it saddens me that when we come together as a group we strip God back to grey. We box him into a corner and believe that our traditions are so important that the God of the universe who imagined everything from the ant to the beluga whale is limited by our tradition. It's sad that we don't lay aside our tradition and inagine for a second that maybe God is not as limited as we are. Maybe God doesn't need repot ion the way we do and maybe just maybe our hearts offerings in all their colours are more than enough for God. 

I am going to imagine God in colour and maybe add this bible to my collection. This enhancing my worship experience not for me but for the one I worship! 

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