Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Exploring Christianity- Home

Exploring Christianity 

I have the opportunity to explore the world of Christianity at the International Christian Resource Exhibition. It's a few days when most Christian churches, businesses and charities get together and exchange ideas. I am excited not only for the course but because it bought me home. 

I have moved to a whole other country and now what I have taught about home becomes reality. Home isn't where your house is. Home is where your heart is. My heart is full. It is full of many loved ones. Some I carry with me physically my storms. Others who live in my heart till I can come home to them. So I am home. I will see friends and family and have time to cuddle and kiss and listen and talk to them all. I am excited to do that. As a Christian though I did wonder about my idea of home. 

As a Christian when I walk around do people find home with me. Can they say that I have given them shared with them a peace of Gods love. Can I share a piece of the home that we are all desperate to be. Can I share with them the home that God has for us. Where the centre of the home is love and it gives peace and joy unspeakable. 

I hope that people have that experience. I hope that their home is with God whose love knows no bounds. 

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