Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Exploring Christianity and the big WHY

Exploring Christianity 

So annoyed. How can people talk about being regionally accurate to where the bible is set then concern themselves with cups. Then show me amazing graphics with white people! Oh my annoying. Seriously vexed! 

So I sat and tried not to judge. I had to make a decision in my head. What do I do? I like what they produced. I love the passion. I really like the resources. Do I bring the negativity? Do I just say what's up with that? I really didn't want to be negative but I was so annoyed. 

I waited. It finished. I watched. Then I couldn't contain it any longer. I approached the creator and ask the question. Why did you want so much authenticity in cups and buildings but the people are not authentic?! Then my surprise. 

They didn't even think about it. But when it was bought to their attention they changed it in season 4 and 5. I was so pleasantly surprised. Relieved and now happy. What had so upset me was quickly resolved with a question. Not an accusation. Not anger but simply a question. Why? 

The lesson for me. Ask why? Not in anger or frustration or irritation but because you want to hear the answer. Reserve judgement until you have the asked why?! Why, just might save you and them! Ask why that's my lesson for today. 

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