Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Exploring Christianity and the musical score

Exploring Christianity 

Imaginative preaching. Today I went to a seminar on imaginative preaching. Surprisingly good workshop. The standout moment was when she challenged us to differentiate our sermons. 

This is why it stand out moment for me. I love the whole concept of imaginative preaching as you can imagine. Today I imagined a sermon as a musical score and for the first time in a long time someone said it was ok if not everyone gets everything. In someways it's like being told that the pressure is off. Everyone should get the melody of your sermon. But the harmonies well unless you sing one of them you might not get it. Guess what that is ok. 

Putting nuggets that not everyone understands in a sermon is a good thing. I need to remember this. It's ok that not everyone gets it as long as everyone gets the melody! 

Think of it like music score. The melody everyone has to get but the harmonies are for differentiation. Sermons can be like this too. 

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