Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Busy Box Fun

I have discovered as a church going parent that you can never have enough fun stuff for children to do in church. Sometimes we go to church and the children are fully catered for all eventualities and other times you are expected to keep them quiet. Either way I like to be prepared. Better to be safe than sorry is my motto last thing I want is one of mine melting down in the middle of the service. Therefore I have an array of things I carry. Recently I discovered I am not alone. There are things called busy boxes and busy bags and even busy books. It's Christmas and here is my version as a preset for one of my besties little girls. 

Important is labelling. Sharing being optional for small children. If you have an unusual name then it can be impossible to find anything with your name on. If there is an option to put the name on the child's gift then I say go for it. Makes a child smile to know it was made special for them. 

My storms love stickers can't get enough. Therefore they loved putting in stickers. Picking out which kinds they wanted. 

Colouring pencils. I have opted for chunky ones. The storms picked out some stars to write on. 

Gel pens are my passion so sharing them with someone little is fun. Especially in small ones. Cute but can't do as much damage as some giant ones. 

Animal snap was a find from the party section in the store. I thought they were fun and can play simple matching games without creating much mess. 

More stickers. This time much more girly ones. The storms always concede that she can have something girly providing she gets a car. 

In order to get double uses out of the "toys" section I found the eraser section in stationary stores is good fun. Dice erasers. Pull back car erasers. Paintbrush erasers. So much fun to be had with an eraser! A couple of pencils thrown in for good measure just to ensure that the erasers are out to their proper use. 

Now all you need is some paper and you are well away! 

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