Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Busy Box - Blocks

Busy box made with bricks. My second attempt at this lovely creation was to escalate a bag I already carry. I have a bag of blocks I picked up at the pound store. Why pound store because if they lost them in church then I wouldn't be upset. 

This time I had an actual box with a handle. This would be cute. Must find more. 

Of course I had to decorate it to personalise it for the child. Adds a nice touch if you theme it. I tried out the suitcase look. 

On the inside I added felt to dampen down the racket of carrying bricks into church. 

Then I picked blocks from the pick and mix in the store. I picked five bricks of each colour and of the two main shapes. 2x2 and 2x4. 

Then added some wheels and widows for interest. Also a set to build a car. 

After this I then took an idea I found on Pinterest. I made a little booklet with patterns in for the child to follow but then left blank pages for the child to make their own patterns. 

I made an intro page. 

Then the instruction to make more. One could argue planning where the words go could help. 

I am excited at making this box and plan to make one for my storms. I will see how they like it. 

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