Tuesday, 14 October 2014

There is power in words

So the weather has changed here in the UK. It's back to something we all recognise, grey, rainy and cold.  We had it good for a while. Summer started back in April/May and come October we were still wearing summer dresses.  But the weather man warned us it wouldn't last always. We knew the rain was coming it was only a matter of time. But here we are being rained on 24 hours a day and guess what our memories of summer grow dimmer with every rain drop. 

Words have power. I have to be honest and say currently happy is not the way I would describe my current emotional being. But words have power. So one day as the rain drove me into the ground, someone asked me how I was doing. Words have power. I said am choosing not to moan. They nodded and smiled and jumped in their car. As I walked in the rain with the kids they began to feel desperate. Words have power. Come on it's fun lets jump over puddles. Words have power. 

On one journey home the rain was so bad I just wanted to give up. So I held each of my children's hands and we sang at the top of our voices every song we could think of till we reached home. We smiled and laughed. Words have power. 

On arriving for a small job in a place I didn't want to be when I was asked how am I doing? My response was to say excited. I got home early that day and enjoyed spending time with my child doing their scrapbook. Words have power. 

To be honest it feels like some days it's not going to work but I choose to say it louder, sing it more convincingly and say it others more. So that the power my words have will be used to lift me not drag me down. Words have power. 

And just in case they don't I can always wear ears. 

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