Saturday, 28 August 2010

Your Love Divine

This week has been one of those where everything seems to come together in your head. The challenges of the past year and also the joys seem finally to have settled in my mind. Do you ever get those moments of realisation when the story of your life just hits you? Well maybe that's where I am. Not a negative place just a place of contemplation of where we go from here.

During the week there have been times of crying out to God for answers, relief or change. The real answer is I have heard silence, nothing, no response, zip. Has that left me sad? I don't know, when you are talking to God and wanting an answer and there is silence it can be unnerving. But then when I thought I would just quit asking and let it go a song came.

This morning my husband started playing Richard Smallwood songs as he loves them. Then when he went out I listened to Your Love Divine and really slowly I realised God is with me. On the live version the lead vocalist says your love divine Jesus. Now call me slow but I never saw that link before. But there it is in the song a word for me that God sent me Jesus as his answer to my problems and pain.

I don't know if the song means anything to you but the lyrics and a link are below for your own contemplation.

Your Love Divine by Richard Smallwood

Lord, you know the pain, pain we bear
And Lord, you know the toils, toils and snares
Send your direction, send your protection
Send your compassion
And your love divine

Help us love those who do us wrong
Send your cleansing power from above
Unite our hearts as one
Make us a vessel to flow through your love


Your love divine
Your love divine
Your love divine

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