Friday, 6 August 2010

Quiet Time

This week I decided that some reflection time wouldn't hurt us. So this weeks sabbath activity involves voluntary silence ;0) 

The challenge is simple find a spot that you like, away from your home is preferable. Take with you a bible and a notebook. The activity is easy spend some time reflecting on your week with God. 

Should I tell you how to do this? No I think it is simple enough. However if you have small children this will present a challenge. Therefore try taking them to the park armed with a notebook or sketchbook and see what they can co e up with. If they are very young this maybe difficult but ask someone around to babysit for an hour while you take a time out. You might find that it hellos you recharge for the week ahead. 

Well the challenge is simple in a hectic world take some time for silence and see what happens.  

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