Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Kids and the great day off

So you have a day off with the kids. Options. 
Clean and tidy. 
Go out. 
Stay in and entertain. 

In our case it rained on our day off. Not just a light drizzle but absolutely poured down. Normally weather won't stop us but after a super active few weeks a day inside seemed like a good idea. What happened. 

Free play. 
Is there anything better than watching your children's imagination run wild and fill your home with fanciful stories of triumph. 

Chocolate play. 
We finally did it, we created chocolate. 

We made box loads of beatiful chocolate shapes. Really easy to do with a mix of dark and milk chocolate is what we used and some fancy moulds. Yummy stuff. 

Cake baking. 
In my home this is always a highlight. I have to say I used many shortcuts this time but nevertheless the children loved the experience of making their own cakes. 

This was the surprise activity. I thought there might be love with this one and there was but it turns out they wanted to make baskets! At least they liked their woven animals and surprisingly they were simple to make. 

Yes we did all this in one day as well as jumping around, watching a movie and of course eating a meal. To be honest it was a great day. It's days like this that make it all worthwhile. Days when all the skills and creativity are being pushed and it works. Not every craft day is so successfully packed with so much. However this worked. 

Can each of these activities be turned into bible lessons? You bet! The baking was the most obvious because the children took them to church and shared them in them at pot luck punch. 

Te chocolate is being shared with daddy and there is some discussion about what bible story can go with making things. 

As to the weaving well the basket that Moses was in. The animals themselves tell a story. Fish play a central role in story telling in the bible.  

Whatever you decide to do enjoy the process. Don't be precise they are children and most of all try and laugh because either way you are building a memory to last them a life time. 

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