Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christian first Adventist second

I describe myself as Christian first Adventist second. In terms of my faith. This hasn't been a challenge up till recently. I am challenged more and more on my Adventism. Do I believe? What do I believe? What difference does it make if I sign up to some not all? I dunno I really don't. 

So I decided after a conversation with my bestie to actually investigate this maybe get some clarity. Since I know that I am not alone I thought I would write it down so when I get asked I can direct them here. 

But here is thing in deciding to do this every time I try to post something goes horribly wrong. Should I take a hint. Like seriously is God using technology to stop me? Well I am gonna keep going and see what I do! I have been writing online and it's not posting. Quite sad really. Frustration is not good. But I guess patience is better. 

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