Monday, 13 June 2016

Equality and the Boss

I have a question I would love serious help with. Can there be genuine equality where one party is the head or boss of the other party. 

To help me I have some definitions. defines equality like this. 
the state or quality of beingequalcorrespondence inquantity, degree, value, rank, orability:
promoting equality of opportunityin the workplace. defines equal as 
as great as; the same as (oftenfollowed by to or with): 
The velocity of sound is not equalto that of light.
like or alike in quantity, degree,value, etc.; of the same rank,ability, merit, etc.:
two students of equal brilliance.
So now I will look up boss. defines boss in two ways 
a person who employs orsuperintends workers; manager
a politician who controls theparty organization, as in aparticular district

Maybe I need more definitions but I am struggling to see how you can have two parties and one is the head of the other and there be equality. I think this needs help in explaining this one to me. 

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