Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My little make

I love making things. I might not be brilliant at it but I enjoy it no end. I truly believe that as people when God said we are created in his image he also meant our creative nature. I really enjoy this element. 

Recently I have started looking at making clothes again and oh it has changed so much since I first started it. Now with the internet everyone is sharing their wonderful creations inspiring us to do the same. 

Since I now feel uncomfortable in my own skin customising clothes seems like a very good option. Well I saw this idea to turn a T-shirt into a draped vest. I thought start small and see how we get on. 

Step one. Get a T-shirt your not using. I had my beloved Brazil shirt which now makes me look fat and frumpy. But I dare not give it away because I love my team. 

So now I am ready to go into step 2. Cut off the sleeves and cut down the sides. 

Now to step three neaten up and make it work. 

Now we are ready to go out into the brave world and wear it. 

Now this was on a day out with the boys to a play area. We were having a fun time. The vest does it's job works great as a cover up looks cute. It hides your tummy which as a mother is amazingly brilliant! Also when I go into the bathroom and the kids need a towel the front of my t-shirt works amazing. 

Most of all I love it and that's the main thing. Everyone else can make their judgements but guess what it's fun it's easy and makes me happy. I am also going to do it again. I can make it any colour and pattern I can find a large T-shirt in. Way hey! If you have a youth group with some girls in it then this is a fun bonding activity. All you need is scissors and t-shirt. You could also get some embellishments. Have fun creative people x

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