Monday, 6 May 2013

Musical Fun

As a working pastor our Sabbaths are often on a different day to everyone else's. So today the storms and I had Sabbath rest. What does that look like in our house. Well firstly it is definitely about spending quality time together as a family. Enjoying each others company and having fun.

Today our chosen activity was making musical instruments. It was a lot of fun and very simple to do. If you have young children who like a fair amount of noise making a band is good fun. Here is how we did it.

Clean empty soda bottles
Dry Beans
A variety of colourful stickers.

1. Pour in the required amount of beans to make a good noise
2. Glue the lid onto the bottle just for extra safety
3. Decorate with a variety of stickers.
4. Enjoy the noise!

These are our creations. The noise is amazing and the fun enjoyed by all. 

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